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Our Last Day to Explore Canada…For This Trip

Our last day to explore Canada and we finally got the winter wonderland we'd been hoping for. My Dad always likes to remind me how I once said, right before moving to Texas from Canada, that I "couldn't wait to never see snow again". Well I now eat those words as each...

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The Canadian War Museum

The Canadian War Museum is Canada's national museum of military history and is one museum I'd highly recommend to everyone that visits Ottawa. Laid out in chronological order it features galleries starting with exhibits and artifacts from the first recorded deaths by...

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The National Gallery of Canada

Do you ever come out of a site like a museum or a cathedral and just think "Wow! That as so awesome. I wish I lived here so I could come back time and again and really explore every nook and cranny"? I do think this quite often. But not, I'm afraid, after visiting the...

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A Photo Walk Around Parliament Hill, Ottawa

Having never visited the capital city of my home country while I lived in Canada, I was really looking forward to our time in Ottawa during our trip over the New Year. Of course I've seen many, many photos of Parliament Hill during my life but to finally get to visit...

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Canadian History 101 at Kingston’s City Hall

Kingston City Hall is one of the finest 19th century buildings in Canada and is designated as a National Historic Site. It remains the centre for administering and governing the City of Kingston since 1844 and it was here that we found ourselves for a self-guided tour...

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