Landmarks of the World

One of my lifetime travel goals is inspired by a book I picked up a while ago called

100 Landmarks of the World: A Journey to the Most Fascinating Landmarks around the Globe.

To reach this goal in my lifetime I set a mini-goal a few years ago to average three landmarks per year.

If you’d like to follow my progress with this goal, please feel free to stop by this page anytime.

Landmarks that I have visited are indicated with photos.


Total Landmarks Visited: 24                               % of Goal Completed: 24%

Europe Header 2

Tower Bridge

Big Ben

Piccadilly Circus


Royal Crescent


Edinburgh Castle


Eiffel Tower

Arc de Triomphe

Mont St. Michel



Brandenburg Gate



Florence Baptistry

St. Mark's Square

Bridge of Sighs



On the agenda for 2017:

  • Neuschwanstein Castle


Will visit one day:

  • White Cliffs of Dover
  • 30 St. Mary Axe
  • Iron Bridge
  • Angel of the North
  • Hadrian’s Wall
  • Ile Vierge Lighthouse
  • The Atomium
  • Windmills of Kinderdijk
  • Cologne Cathedral
  • Rock of Lorelay
  • Frauenkirche
  • Jelling Stone
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Turning Torso
  • Urnes Stave Church
  • Red Square
  • Prague Astronomical Clock
  • Schonbrunn Prater
  • Jet d’Eau
  • Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
  • Sagrada Familia
  • Segovia Aqueduct
  • Alhambra
  • Belem Tower
  • Rock of Gilbraltar
  • Trevi Fountain
  • The Parthenon
  • Epidaurus Theater
  • Terrace of the Lions
  • Hagia Sophia
  • Maiden’s Tower

North America Header

UNESCO World Heritage

Empire State Buildng

Hoover Dam



Will visit one day:

  • Totem Poles, Stanley Park
  • Liberty Bell
  • National Mall
  • The White House
  • Mount Rushmore
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Pyramid  Kukulcan


South America Header

Will visit one day:

  • Christ the Redeemer
  • Teatro Amazonas
  • Iguazu Falls
  • La Polvrilla Viaduct
  • Cerro Rico
  • Machu Pichu
  • Sacsayhuaman
  • Easter Island’s Moai

Africa Header

Will visit one day:

  • Great Sphinx of Giza
  • Kamak
  • Obelisk of Axum
  • Great Mosque of Djenne
  • Table Mountain
  • Robben Island

Asia Header

Will visit one day:

  • Mount Fuji
  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial
  • Zen Garden, Ryoan-ji Temple
  • Great Wall of China
  • Tiananmen Square
  • Beijing National Stadium
  • Giagnt Buddha of Leshan
  • Potala Palace
  • Taj Mahal
  • Golden Temple of Amritsar
  • Red Fort
  • India Gate
  • Angkor Wat
  • The Western Wall
  • The Kaaba
  • Burj Al Arab
  • Minaret of Jam

Australia Header

 Will visit one day:

  • Uluru
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Bondi Beach
  • Great Barrier Reef