8 Great Places to Visit in Northeast France

When you think of France, Paris will always come to mind as it is a world capital in art, fashion, food, literature, and culture but other places in the northeast of France definitely shouldn't be overlooked when planning a trip - especially for those interested in...

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8 Great Places to Visit in Southeast France

As the second most visited area in France, the sun-kissed southeast region is full of beauty from glaciers to mountain peaks to the vineyards of the Beaujolais. This area includes the French Riviera with its sophisticated and vibrant towns where you might spot...

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8 Great Places to Visit in Southwest France

The southwest of France includes the Dordogne and Languedoc regions and within those regions, you'll find lots of variety, especially in the landscapes with beaches, vineyards, forests, mountains, and fortified villages. In the Dordogne river valley, you'll find a...

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8 Great Places to Visit in Northwest France

Rolling hillsides, rocky cliffs, towering cathedrals, and elegant chateaux - a visit to Northwest France offers all of these and much more. This area is made up of the smaller regions of Brittany, Normandy, and the Loire with this guide featuring mainly...

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8 Great Places to Visit in Eastern France

With bountiful vineyards, classic villages, and hearty cuisine, Eastern France is a wonderful part of the country to explore. Located where the Rhine River divides the European continent, Eastern France has been at the strategic centre of empires and nations at war...

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Weekend Guide to Paris, France

Few cities in the world have so many world-class museums, majestic monuments and beautiful gardens in such a compact, walkable area as Paris. This might have you feeling overwhelmed planning your trip, especially if you only have a weekend to visit. Where do you even...

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