Ideally located about a 10 minute walk from the big sights in Bath, like the Roman Baths and Bath Abbey, the Crescent Guest House offered us a very cosy stay for our weekend get-away in February. We found it one weekend while browsing the Bath Tourism website (which I highly recommend if you’re planning a trip to Bath) and booked it via their website. You can also make reservations directly at the Crescent Guest House website.

When we stayed: February 2015 |  Rate: £90/ night for two people |  Website: Crescent Guest House

The Things We Loved

The location of the Crescent Guest House is spot on. It is on a quiet street that is an easy walk in to the centre of Bath, or anywhere else in Bath you might want to go. They offer free parking on the street but we opted for the city parking lot that is right behind it. Once we parked on Friday night we had no need of the car until we were ready to leave on Sunday. Parking was £17 for the time we were there.

I thought the room was so nice and cosy and I really liked some of the neat little extras, like the hot water bottles we found in one of the pretty antique cabinets. This particular room was located at the top of the stairs and I’d say with the slanted ceilings it is likely in what was once the attic. I just love the character in rooms like this. Although compact, this room has everything you could need for your stay, including a warm and very comfy bed.

If you stay the breakfast is something you absolutely do not want to miss. It’s included in the price of the room and is made to order. Besides offering cereal, yogurt, granola, and fruit, you will also have some choices of hot breakfast. On our first morning we had the full English and it was, in a word, scrumptious! The next morning I opted for french toast and was very pleased with that option too. You will definitely leave the table with a full belly ready for your day out exploring Bath.



The Things We Didn’t Love

The only thing we weren’t really keen on in our room was the design of the bathroom. In the photo below you can see the door open with the shower and the toilet is actually in that same little room. That in itself wasn’t the issue, as I do understand that old houses like this don’t come equipped with grand bathrooms in the attic. Once you had a shower though the floor was then wet which made using the toilet without getting your feet wet a little tricky. We ended up just taking our socks off to do so. Minor really, and wouldn’t keep me from staying here again.

We also had trouble getting hot water the first morning but that may have been user error. On our second attempt later in the day we had no troubles at all and the shower worked just great.



The Crescent Guest House is located at 21 Crescent Gardens, Upper Bristol Road and like I mentioned already is a really easy and pleasant walk in to town to see the main sights of Bath. There are lots of other guest houses along the street, as seen in the photo below, and I really enjoyed our walks in to town in the mornings so I could look at the little front gardens and the pretty buildings. It was also during these walks that we both noticed how good Bath smells! We’re not sure what all the scents were but it seemed like around each corner was the smell of something delicious cooking or baking. Definitely keep this in mind and do some sniffing, in addition to your looking, while you’re out walking these streets.

Along with being a pretty street in the daylight, I also felt comfortable when we walked back in the dark in the evenings. Really I felt like that in all of Bath, which is good since we did a lot of walking around the city.

The huge parking lot behind the guest house is also ideal. It could easily serve all of the guest houses along this street and then the buildings up the hill on the street behind it. There are little paths between the buildings from the parking lot and the path we used ran right alongside the Crescent Guest House.


Odds & Ends

There are several other rooms in the guest house so it is certainly worth asking if they all have similar shower/toilet facilities. If they don’t I’d ask for another room and then your stay will be perfect! :-)

Our room was up two flights of narrow stairs so if you have trouble with stairs do specifically ask for a room on one of the lower floors.

If it’s a little cool when you arrive, no worries! There is an extra space heater that will make the room all nice and toasty in no time.

Do leave yourself a little time while visiting to peruse some of the great travel books the innkeeper has in her breakfast room. They’ll definitely fuel your wanderlust even more. There were several about Bath, but also a couple about Bremen. We found out when talking to the innkeeper that she is from there and then she told us more information about her hometown. Now we want to visit Bremen too!

Have you had the pleasure of staying here too? If so, please feel free to tell me about your visit and favourite bits of the Crescent Guest House. I bet you loved breakfast as much as we did. :-)