Ideally situated in Kruja with quite possibly the best view I’ve ever had from a hotel room, the Hotel Panorama was our little home away from home for the first two nights of our stay in Albania and I’d definitely recommend it if you’re ever visiting this part of the country.

When we stayed: May 2015 |  Rate: €30 for a single room, up to €70 for a luxury room |  Website: Hotel Panorama

The Things We Loved

Hands down the thing we loved the most about the Hotel Panorama was the view (as proven by no less than about 30 photos I have of the view from every angle and at all times of the day from our balcony). I’m not sure if our tour company requested the balcony rooms, or if the staff at the hotel chose them for us, but I’m so glad someone did. From our room we could see Kruja Castle, the watchtower, the bazaar, up into the mountain, and then down into the valley. Simply stunning.

Kruja at Sunrise

Apart from the view, our rooms were also very comfortable and had everything we needed. We had two rooms (one with a queen bed and the other with three single beds) and they were both spotless and nice place to come back to each night with all the amenities (like hair dryer, shampoo, mini fridge etc. ) that make the stay that much easier.

The hotel also had a dining room (with the same amazing view) where we ate breakfast each morning and dinner on the first night of the tour. All of  the staff were very friendly, even going out of their way to figure out the name of one of the items on the breakfast buffet for me in English, and the food was really good. There were lots of hot and cold choices at breakfast so there is a little something for everyone- those wanting to try some of the local meats and cheeses, or those who want to stick to their tried and true favourites, like scrambled eggs.


Just kicked back and relaxing on the bed in the afternoon and this was our view…you can’t beat that eh?

The Things We Didn’t Love

About the only thing we didn’t like was when the electricity cut out several times, but then that wasn’t the fault of the hotel and is just something that happens in Albania as they are still working to improve their national electricity grids. And even this was a minor inconvenience as it usually wasn’t out for very long so don’t let that deter you from staying here.


Very modern and updated decor in spotless rooms.


Located right in the heart of Kruja within easy walking distance to all the sites you’d want to visit, in addition to being close to restaurants and other little shops. I didn’t really notice any other hotels in the area, but with this one so ideally situated I don’t think there’d be any reason to look further, unless they were all booked up.


The scenery around the hotel

Odds & Ends

As our tour company booked this hotel I’m not really sure if the breakfast is included in the price of the room or not. Regardless the room rates are economical so if it is a few more Euros for breakfast it’ll still be well worth it.

Looking at the hotel’s website I also discovered that rooms with a jacuzzi are available. At only 70€ a night for that luxury room I think it would be well worth a little splurge!

Have you had the pleasure of staying here? Would you also recommend it to travellers to the area? 

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