New York

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21 in… New York: A Bucket List for the Empire State

There are hundreds of lists of things to do in the USA, or individual states like New York, but we've come up with one thing in every state plus D.C. in 21 different categories. Truly something for everyone, from historic places to foods you have to try, from the...

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{Part 5} Weekend Getaway to New York City

Our final day in New York, for this trip, saw us back on the train from Linden to Penn Station heading for a most unusual park, but not before we admired these impressive murals in the station.  If you are just jumping in to our Weekend Getaway to New York City you...

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{Part 4} Weekend Getaway to New York City

After the sombreness of the memorial our next stop was altogether more upbeat, we headed to Hook and Ladder 8 fire station, or as it’s probably better known, the Ghostbusters building. Sadly our (well my) excitement at seeing the building was diminished when we got...

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{Part 3} Weekend Getaway to New York City

Riding the Staten Island Ferry was added to our potential itinerary early on, but the brainwave, as our hotel was in Linden NJ, was to drive to the Staten Island terminal and use the ferry to get to and from New York rather than just get on board and use it as a joy...

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{Part 2} Weekend Getaway to New York City

Leaving the USS Intrepid I headed to the bus stop that could take me to Times Square using the very useful Transit app. The bus arrived right on time and I tried to pay for my ticket with a 5 dollar note; unfortunately New York buses don’t take notes, which I should...

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