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21 in… Louisiana: A Bucket List for the Pelican State

There are hundreds of lists of things to do in the USA, or individual states like Louisiana, but we've come up with one thing in every state plus D.C. in 21 different categories. Truly something for everyone, from historic places to foods you have to try, from the...

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A Serene Afternoon in a Swamp

After spending the day wandering through old plantation homes in Franklin, we opted to stop for a little nature on the way home to take a swamp tour. Let me tell you, if you've never been on one, oh you must go. Our main goal on the swamp tour was to get a glimpse of...

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One Weekend at a Time: Historic City of Franklin, LA

Before I get into the business of wrapping up the year in travel for 2015 and kicking off new travel goals for 2016, I wanted to share with you one more little place we have visited- Franklin, Louisiana. Franklin? Never heard of it. That's what I heard a lot of when I...

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