Historical Landmarks || World-Class Museums || Quiet Parks to Relax

From its beginnings back in the 1st century AD London has grown into a world-class multicultural, historical, and dynamic city.

Here you’ll find Roman walls, Norman towers, Tudor palaces, and the grandeur and splendour of the Georgian and Victorian periods, along with modern additions such as the Shard and London Eye. There is a huge array of world-class museums and galleries, beautiful parks, modern shops, award-winning theatre productions, and even four UNESCO World Heritage sites! There really is something for everyone.

With so much variety it can be hard for visitors to even know where to start. Whether you are looking for events that showcase London’s pomp and ceremony, a visit that incorporates your love of the Royal family, or just some quiet lanes and parks to relax – I hope my London Love series will be able to help you.

By clicking on the images below you’ll be taken to posts about each of the sights, attractions, and some itineraries to tie them all together. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about London and we’d be happy to help. We hope you enjoy your visit to London!


London: 101 FREE Things to See, Do and Experience.

London doesn't need to be the expensive city that it has the reputation for being - and that's where this list comes in. It's chock full of things (101 of them to be exact!) to see, do, and experience in London for no money whatsoever. From beautiful parks,...

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Fun and FREE Things to Do in London!

"Oh London, I'd love to go but it's just so expensive...", something I have heard quite frequently over the past few years from friends and colleagues when they ask for recommendations and I make this suggestion. Admittedly its not known to be very cheap but there are...

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Exploring London in One Day Ultimate Itinerary

One day in London barely scratches the surface to see all the wonderful things this city has to offer but that might be all the time you have. Perhaps you’re on a business trip and only have one day before you have to fly back home. Or you’re on a tour of...

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Churchill War Rooms: Walking in Churchill’s Footsteps

The Churchill War Rooms are where Churchill and the British High Command operated from during World War II. Right in the heart of Whitehall, unbeknownst to the Nazi's, was the secret bunker that was making strategies and plans for the defence of the UK. Now part...

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Meet Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace

To really do a visit to Hampton Court Palace justice I think it is worth a few minutes to learn about some of its past inhabitants, especially the most famous (infamous?) one of all- King Henry VIII. He started off by marrying his brother's wife,Catherine of Aragon,...

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HMS Belfast: Life Onboard a World War II Warship

Launched in March 1938, the HMS Belfast saw active duty during World War II by playing a part in destroying the German battle cruiser Scharnhorst at the Battle of North Cape and in the Normandy landings. It also served the Royal Navy in Korea and was used in...

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