Traveling and photography are a perfect match and it’s very likely the traveler on your list has hundreds, if not thousands, of photos documenting the places they saw, people they met, and yes, even the food they ate. With that in mind they are likely also always looking to up their photography game and today’s gift ideas can help with this.

The items we’ve used and can personally recommend will be marked with an *.  The items not marked with an * are things on my list for Santa.

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Gift Ideas for the Travel Lover: Photography


  • Panasonic Lumix Camera*- Both L and I have this camera and we are really happy with them. The particular model we have is called ZS30 in the US or TZ40 in in the UK and it has 20x optical zoom, image stabilization, GPS to geotag the image’s location, Wi-Fi functionality, and NFC capabilities among other things. All this and it fits in the palm of our hand so it’s very easy to travel with and get great shots and videos. Just about every photo that is on this blog was taken with this camera.
  • Case for Camera*- If you’re going to get your travel lover a nice camera it’s worth a little extra to get them a case to carry it in, especially to offer protection while the camera is tucked away in their carry-on bag. This case isn’t the flashiest one in the world but it has hard shell and keeps my camera snug inside along with the charging cord and some SD cards. Plus it is still small enough to put in my purse if I have it when we’re out and about.
  • Panasonic Lumix Waterproof Camera*- L picked up this camera this year to use for our cruise (we got some neat pics of us on the underwater scooters) and for his trip to Iceland to use in the Blue Lagoon. It worked great on both trips and offers him a little more flexibility to still get some great shots even if the conditions are a little, or a lot, wet.
  • Handheld Selfie Stick– L and I tend not to take selfies but you know what? I might actually take some pics of us if I had one of these handheld poles. At least the camera wouldn’t be right up in our face. More than likely your travel lover likes taking photos of themselves with the places they’re visiting in the background more than we do and would really get a kick out of using this selfie stick.
  • Travel Photography Books– If the travel lover on your list is anything like me they probably wish their photos were more like works of art instead of mere snapshots. There are lots of books on how to improve photography skills but if you do a search for ‘travel photography’ you’ll find some that will specialize more in the types of photos they’ll want to take.
  • Photo Books, Canvas, Prints etc.* -A gift certificate to get some of their best and favourite photos out of their computer and into their home would be something any travel lover would appreciate. There are many different companies online that offer these services and one I’ve used, to put one of L’s favourite photos on to canvas, is Picaboo. They offer gift certificates on their website but also Groupon and Living Social typically offer deals on services like this.
  • Jazzy Camera Straps– Did I just say ‘jazzy’? I guess I did. Well I do think some camera straps are pretty jazzy, especially compared to their boring counterparts that come with the camera. We only have wrist straps on our cameras but one day, if I ever get one of those fancy DSLR cameras I’m heading straight to Etsy to get a jazzy camera strap for it. I particularly like travel inspired ones but there are tons of choices so you’re sure to find one to suit your travel loving photographer.

Looking for more ideas? Monday I featured suggestions to help make packing easier, Tuesday I got techie with electronic suggestions, tomorrow I’ve got some book ideas, and Friday will be just some odds and ends that I think are really neat.

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