Yesterday I shared some gift ideas to help make packing a little easier for the travel lover on your gift list and today I have some ideas in the electronics department. With L being my go-to guy for all things techie I asked him for his recommendations for today’s category and he’s delivered.

The items we’ve used and can personally recommend will be marked with an *.  The items not marked with an * are things on my list for Santa.

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Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers: Electronics


  • Nexus 7* and/or Asus Transformer* Tablets- L has both tablets and I have the Asus tablet and they all work great for traveling. They can be used in-flight for movies, playing games, reading or listening to books and magazines, or sometimes I even get a head start at organizing photos or blogging. The part I like the best about the Asus tablet is it has a real keyboard that you can attach (then it’s like a little laptop) or detach and it’s a touchscreen tablet. Best of both worlds.
  • Electronics Accessories Organizer*– L has one of these and it makes my little organizing heart get all excited when I see it. He can keep all his electronic goodies and gadgets in one place and when it’s time to pack just drops it in his bag and goes. After seeing how easy it is for him when we travel (instead of my way of keeping cords bundled together with my hairbands in an old make-up bag) I really want one too. So this is one he can recommend AND it’s on my list for Santa.
  • Noise-Cancelling Headphones*– These are the headphones L got me for my birthday this year and I wonder now how I ever lived without their noise-cancelling goodness. They can be used as regular headphones or just turn the noise-cancelling feature on and it’ll drown out the engine to help you sleep. They have several sizes of ear pieces including the squishy foam ones that mold to your ear and a cute velvety bag to keep them in. I was surprised that they even came with the battery. Isn’t everything ‘batteries sold separately’ these days? Do take L’s advice though and keep an extra battery or two in the bag. They don’t use the battery up quickly…well unless you leave them on after you’ve landed and then the battery will be dead for sure for your flight home. Just a hunch. No it’s not. That’s exactly what I did the very first time I used them (Doh!) so was really glad I listened to him and had a battery for the way home.
  • 5-Port High Speed USB Charger*– L has one of these tucked in his organizer bag and it is perfect for when we travel together. We can get both our phones, both our cameras and a tablet all charging at the same time overnight. So even though our cruise ship cabin only had two outlets it was smooth sailing for us in the ‘charging all our devices’ department.
  • 64GB Flash Drive*– Just what every traveler needs who doesn’t want to lose their wonderful photographic memories. Each evening when you get back to your hotel just copy your photos over to this flash drive and you’re good to go another day knowing they’re backed up until you can get home .
  • Dual USB Portable Battery Charger– For those long flights when you can’t sleep so you’re relying on your tablet or phone to entertain you through the flight this is just the gadget to help keep them running, especially if you find yourself on a plane with no place to charge devices at your seat.

The travel lover on your list not really into electronics? That’s OK I’ve got more ideas to share this week for photography, books, and just some other neat ideas. Stay tuned!

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