After our morning visiting Pegasus Bridge and Ranville it was time to say our goodbye’s to France. :-( But we were off to Belgium and it was my first visit to that country!

Our first stop, before we got too far down the highway, was to hit the grocery story for our lunch. If you don’t stop at grocery stores in foreign countries you’re missing out. Some are an outing in themselves, checking out all the different foods or even all the different flavours of chips! Lots of new treats to try. If I remember correctly we tried some sandwiches and some chips- what was more memorable though was the toilet at the rest stop where we pulled over to have our little picnic lunch.

One thing I find amusing when I travel is all the different types of restrooms, toilets, WC’s, or whatever name you want to call them, there are in this world {and I’ve only just scratched the surface}. Well so far I think this one takes the cake! Maybe it was because this was a fairly good size rest stop along a major highway in France so I wasn’t expecting this but it was literally a hole in the ground. Granted it was a hole in the ground in it’s own stall. And it was tiled all the way around. But it was still a hole in the ground…that I had to hover/squat over. Oh my. Good times in French rest stops I tell ya. Good times.

After lunch it was back on the road for the rest of the drive to Ypres. Our drive took us through beautiful French scenery, round and round {and round} Rouen as we tried to make our way over the river with the main bridge under construction {and not there!}, and then through many little towns and villages. Sometimes we really had to wonder how the sat nav decided which route it was going to take us on, but you know sometimes it is so nice to get off the main road and see all those little towns and villages. What I really remember the most from that afternoon was the beautiful sunshine, the great views {after I woke up from my little cat nap. Oops! Sometimes I’m not the best copilot}, listening to music and simply enjoying the drive with L.

Round and round Rouen we go... :-)

Round and round Rouen we go… :-)


Apparently the latest thing in Rouen- they advertised this everywhere!

Apparently the latest thing in Rouen- they advertised this everywhere!

Late in the afternoon we finally made our way across the Belgium border. As easy as it is to travel around the Europe I sort of  wish you had to go through border control so you could get one of those awesome “Welcome to Belgium” photos. Except the signs wouldn’t be in English of course, which just makes them cooler eh?

We headed straight to our bed and breakfast just outside of Ypres, the B&B De Potyze {which we loved! Read my review here.} to get checked in so we could head right back into town in time for the ceremony at the Menin Gate. Before the ceremony we decided to grab a quick bite and have a local delicacy- Belgian fries with mayo! Oh yeah. Yum!

When in Belgium, do as the Belgians...get the mayo!

When in Belgium, do as the Belgians…get the mayo!

And then after dinner, it was time for my second bathroom adventure of the day. What was up with bathrooms this day??? I ran downstairs at the place we stopped to eat and whoa! The bathroom was pretty much one big room so as you wash your hands there is some dude taking care of his business. Yep, right there. Oh those Europeans!

There wasn’t time to linger over dinner though because it was getting close to time for the ceremony at the Menin Gate to start which is where I’ll pick back up in my next post…

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