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Antelope Slot Canyon Tour

If you want a fascinating and interesting experience around Page, AZ, then the Antelope Canyon Tour might be just what you are looking for. Travel by 4x4 pickup to the slot canyon on Navajo land and be taken through in small groups to experience the colours and...

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Tower Butte Landing Tour

If you want an exciting and different experience around Page, AZ, then the Tower Butte Landing Tour might be just the ticket. Fly by helicopter to the top of the monolithic Tower Butte, LAND, get out and explore and admire the incredible views. This post may contain...

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Built with Love: The Mystery Castle in Phoenix, AZ

And just like that we've come to the end of my posts about our long weekend getaway in Phoenix, AZ over Thanksgiving last year. If you've missed some posts, or would like to start back at the beginning, please visit my Trip Summary to see how we scheduled everything...

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A Serene Stroll Through the Desert Botanical Garden

Some things on our trips stand out to me as great memories for being so exciting, or so unique, or something that has been on my bucket list forever and I'm FINALLY getting to do it, the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix though stands out for another reason. Simply...

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Driving the Scenic Apache Trail, Arizona

If you're into scenic drives and in the Phoenix area you have got to take a day to head out on the Apache Trail...preferably in a convertible with the top down. The views are amazing and what a ride! And the rental car companies don't even seem to mind the dust you'll...

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