21 in… USA

There are hundreds of lists of things to do in the USA, or particular states, but we’ve come up with one thing in every state plus D.C. in 21 different categories. Truly something for everyone, from historic places to foods you have to try, from the downright quirky to amazing museums, and from weird places to stay to fun things to do. Our primary criteria were, we have or want to see them, and they are things you can physically visit or try.

Click on a state name below to find out more. A new state is added each week.

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut
Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana
Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts
Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada
New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio
Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee
Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin
Wyoming Washington D.C.



Here are our categories and our thinking behind them:

Historic Place

A place where a historic event happened, from heroic to tragic, from history shaping to US or world firsts.

Famous Person

Someone who is from, did something, or had something done to them, in that State that is remarkable or changed history.

Natural Wonder

Simply something awe-inspiring that nature had given us to go and see.

Food & Drink

Well we have to eat, so why not eat something that is linked to that state in someway, whether a dish invented there or that they’ve made famous, all washed down with a local soft drink.

Factory Tour

Go and see something made in America, from large to small, edible to decorative, useful to essential.

Man Made

Simply something that hopefully makes you go whoa when you look at it that was made by human hands.

Record Breaking

From firsts, to biggest, as long as it is or was a record breaker.

Silly Record

Every state has the biggest or tallest something kitsch, we’ve collected our favourites.


Something to get you active (mainly), but basically 51 things to try that maybe you’ve never done before?

Atlas Obscura

One of our favourite books to explore places we intend to visit, we’ve chosen one of our favourites.

Most Visited

Well there must be a reason everyone else flocks there, so why not take in the most visited attraction when you are there.

State/National Park

Our choice of a state or national park, historic monument, sea shore etc. that we think is an asset to it’s state.


An event that is synonymous with that state, or one that is unique, or one that just looks like an absolute riot to go to.

Different Place to Stay

A quirky, original, unique or historic place to spend the night.

Different Place to Eat

A quirky, original, unique or historic place to have lunch or dinner.

Have Some Fun

Well hopefully all the things are fun, but something to let you hair down and just enjoy.

Film Locations

Something you can visit from films, old and new, blockbusters to not quite such blockbusters.

Fun Fact

Facts about each state that involve something you can go and see… and that are hopefully fun!

Something Different

A place for the oddities of every state, strange museums, wacky places or odd things to do.


Museums covering everything from famous works of art to the history the country, from halls of fame to legendary people or places.

Scenic Route

We LOVE a road trip, so why not take in the scenery on the way, take a detour and enjoy some of the best each state has to offer.

So those are our categories and we have something in each of them for every state, plus Washington D.C.

We’d love to hear what you think. What did we miss? What do you think we should have chosen instead?

If we love your idea, we might just swap it into the list, if we like it, maybe will give it an honourable mention; either way we’ll be sure to give you credit, AND add it to our list of things to see and do when we are in the area.