What’s Next? Travel Planning for 2015

Last year when I started this blog one of the very first pages I created was my Travel Future page where I talked about all the plans we had made for the year. Through the year I loved checking in periodically to see how things were panning out in reality. My 2014 Travel Plans have now been moved to my Travel Past, along with my 2104 Year End Travel Recap, so I can look back for years to come on a great year. Now I’m excited to look ahead to this year to put our plans down again.

2015 Travel Plans

So where might 2015 take us?

Well first up to kick off the new year L, the kiddo and I finished up our trip in Canada. We rang in the New Year in my nation’s capital, Ottawa, and spent New Years Day and part of January 2nd doing a little sightseeing there. We visited Hog’s Back Falls (my January 1st post photo), the Canadian War Museum, and Parliament Hill and Peace Tower. We then enjoyed a winter wonderland in Guelph with my family and saw ‘real snow’ (i.e. more than a few flurries) for the first time in years.

Next up on the confirmed trip list for this year is a business trip in February that will take me back to our UK office which of course means I get to spend the week with L! As luck would have it the business meetings wrap up on February 13th so that means a Valentine’s weekend the UK! We have a weekend in Bath planned with a stop at Stonehenge on the way home. That’s TWO UNESCO sites to add to my list!

My #1 travel tip? Always, always make the most of any opportunity you might get to travel on business. Don’t just sit in the hotel wishing you were home. Make the most of every minute you get to see a different city.

Also in February the kiddo and I have a little weekend get-away planned to visit Dallas, TX. Our main reason for visiting is to take in an NHL hockey game but, of course, we’re not going to be in a new city without doing a little sightseeing too. He’s been to Dallas before but I haven’t so I’ll have to get him to be my tour guide this time! At the top of our list of things to do is the Sixth Floor Museum/Book Depository and the Nasher Sculpture Center.  I’ve also heard there is a really neat vintage trolley that is a must-do so we’ll be on the look out for that for sure.

And finally so far on the ‘already have the tickets’ list for 2015 is our second trip to France and Belgium to visit some more WWI sites, memorials, and museums in March. We’re also planning to loop down into Luxembourg for the night and do some sightseeing in Luxembourg City– a new country for both of us. We’ve also got a few more UNESCO sites on our itinerary on this trip. Man we are on fire this year! I might just pull off that crazy goal of mine to see 16 UNESCO sites this year after all.

After these confirmed plans we have tons of other things in the works, some more likely than others but all good possibilities of places you’ll find us this year.

In April I’m thinking another little road trip to Austin, TX will be in the works. The kiddo is working on a Boy Scout badge that has a visit to a state or the nation’s capital as a requirement so we’ll do that and a couple of other things that strike our fancy that weekend.

May is bringing possibly the most exciting trip of the year, at least for me anyway, as L, the kiddo and I are very, very seriously considering a tour of Albania! We’ve been looking at this tour for quite awhile now and the more I look at it the more I’m itching to go. I’ve been researching as much as possible (though there isn’t really a ton out there about the little country) and I may have listened to Rick Steves’ one little podcast about Albania on his Audio Europe app enough times that I’ve got bits of it memorized now. This country has me so intrigued because it seems to be so off the beaten path compared to other places I’ve been and just so different with lots of new history to learn about.

June and July brings the biggest possible trip of the year, but also the one that is the most out of my control as it is another business trip that is not confirmed yet. I don’t think I’ll feel like it is truly a done deal until I have the airfare booked. But if/when I do get to book that airfare it is going to be BIG! I, along with my travel buddy C that I mentioned on my About page, might get to spend a month in Europe to do some training in the UK, France, Netherlands, and Germany! We’re trying our best not to get our hearts completely set on it but still find ourselves playing ‘travel agent’ and working out all the possible places we could spend each weekend. So many possibilities. The city that has me most intrigued to visit is Berlin so if we get to go I’m going to really try and make that one work. And the best part about this… L will get to join me every weekend in whatever little city escapes we manage to do. Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me that this trip comes to fruition. It would be one AMAZING summer if it did. It’s going to be a heck of a lot of work to do between all those Monday mornings and Friday afternoons but oh so worth it.

Assuming I’m not completely knackered from running all over Europe this summer, L, the kiddo, and I are looking at the possibility of another cruise with Royal Caribbean out of San Juan, PR. We really enjoyed the one we took last summer and a few sea days might be exactly what we need to recharge a little. Of course we can’t sit still for long and will be more than ready for the shore excursions. There are a couple of possibilities for which cruise we’ll take (it’ll depend on when school starts back up) but we could quite possibly visit St. Thomas, St. Kitts, Aruba, and Curacao.

Come September and October we’ll definitely be ready for a break and school will be getting back under way. Not to say the kiddo and I won’t get itchy feet and head out somewhere for a weekend away, but at least for now we don’t have anything on the agenda.

In November, L will be heading back to the U.S.A. and depending on how many vacation days I’ll be able to save for then we might find ourselves away for a weekend, or maybe longer, somewhere in the U.S.A. A few cities have been tossed around but nothing seems to have stuck yet. We’ll just have to wait and see where the wind takes us that week.

Before we know it it’ll be December and the Christmas and New Year’s holidays will be upon us. For the past two years L has come this way to spend time with me and my family so this year I’ll be headed his way to experience my first British Boxing Day and New Year’s in London.

And just like last year, the kiddo and I are going to continue to get out and about in our hometown and see what else it has to offer. Looking at several lists of “top things to do in Houston” we’ve covered quite a few of them but there are still some fun things yet to see and do. Plus the kiddo is going to help me with my Global Eats goal to try a food from a different country each month. Our first stop was Malaysia with a very yummy dinner just this weekend.

Remember last year when I said “This year is shaping up to be my busiest travel year yet”? If we are fortunate enough to accomplish everything on our list of hopes and plans for 2015 I’m going to have to amend that statement to say 2015 was my busiest year!

Now I’d love to hear from you guys. Do you have any travel plans for 2015? If so what is the one trip that you are just super excited to be taking?



  • Wow! Sounds like such an awesome year ahead! I love the idea of Albania – definitely a bit off the beaten path, but those can make for some of the most interesting experiences. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the summer work trip :) It sounds like those travel goals for the year are easily within reach!

    • I think Albania will definitely be the highlight of the year. I just love the idea that we seem to be getting in on an “undiscovered” place before everyone knows about it as I haven’t been to any places like that before really. I’ll probably overload my blog with photos and stories from there. :-)
      Yes, please do keep your fingers crossed for the work trip. That would make for a great summer for sure. We should hear something a little more definite on it this upcoming week.

  • Wow! These are fantastic plans. What a wonderful year you’ll have even if you only get to complete part of them! I also love visiting UNESCO sites. I’ve never been disappointed by one yet! Bath was one of my favorites. My husband and I took a little 3-day trip there on our own and it was beautiful. I’d go back again for sure! It’s really nice to see another blogger that likes to travel with kids in tow! I think a lot of people take a break from traveling while they have young kids, but it is not nearly as hard to travel with little ones as you’d think. Plus, think of all the great memories you’re gifting them by bringing them along!

    • I completely agree. I like to stretch myself a little each year with my traveling goals but even if I don’t reach them all we will have a great year.
      Everyone we’ve talked to about Bath has said the same as you and tells us we’ll love it. I’m so excited to see it and just wander around and take it all in. It does seem pretty romantic so I think it’ll be perfect to be there on Valentine’s weekend.
      Oh for sure it isn’t as hard as people probably think to take the kids and I really like that I’m getting to expose my son to different cultures and history to open his mind to all kinds of ways of doing things and living. He seems to love it too and already has his list of “must see” places that he’s started. Your daughter seems to be enjoying it too from all the smiles on her face in your photos. :-)

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