Travel Goals

My main lifetime travel goal is to visit 100 countries but then along the way I’ve picked up a few more specific travel goals. To learn more about each of these and check in on my progress please visit them at-

At the beginning of 2015 I decided one of the best ways to see progress, and ultimately success, with my lifetime travel goals was to break each one down into smaller parts for the year. What a difference this has made too! Goals that seemed almost crazy at the beginning of the year have been completed, or nearly so. Some have even been exceeded! It definitely pays to keep your eye on your goals as you’ll find ways to achieve them come up in some unexpected ways.

Travel Goals for 2015: A Whole World of Possibilities  | Travel Recap for 2015: My Better Than Best Travel Year Ever

Travel Goals for 2016

For tips on how to achieve your travel goals please visit:

Achieving Your New Year Travel Goals

Achieving Your New Year Travel Goals: Making a Plan