Travel Goals Update: April 2015

At the beginning of the year I wrote my Travel Goals for 2015 post where I detailed what I’d like to accomplish this year. When I wrote that post I thought I’d do a check in each month to give an update on my progress and that time is here again (click here if you missed January’s update,  here for February’s update, and here for March). April has been a little bit quieter on the travel front, but that’s OK. They can’t all be epic world-traveling months. I do like a little down time if only to get ready for what is sure to be the busiest, most miles traveled ever, summer of my life. Stay tuned as there will be big updates for all goals in the next few months.


For now let’s take a look back at quiet April. The calm before the storm? :-)


Goal #1: Reach (or exceed) specific milestones for most of my Lifetime Travel Goals

Visit 3 New Countries

3 New Countries


Visit 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

16 UNESCO Sites


No new UNESCO sites visited this month either but we do have a couple on the horizon for next month. I’ve also written about one of the UNESCO sites we have visited this year if you’d like to check out what you can do while spending the weekend in Bath, UK.

UNESCO  Sites Visited:


Visit 3 Landmarks from my 100 Landmarks of the World List

3 Landmarks


Nope, no new landmarks either this month. Man, it really was quiet eh?

Landmarks visited:


Read Books Set in 30 Countries

Books Set in 30 Countries


And on the reading front… I did listen to one book set in the United States and one about French culture which I’ll include in next month’s “Reading Around the World” update. But really I’ve been on a HUGE Rick Steves kick and listening to podcast after podcast, including his one and only about Albania over and over again, and several on Berlin. If you like Europe I really can’t recommend these enough.

Books read this year towards goal (links take you to my reviews of each book):

 Goal #2: #Take12Trips in 2015


12 Trips


Ah one thing I CAN update! This month the kiddo and I took a little road trip to Austin, TX. The initial reason to go was to visit the State Capital for a Boy Scout badge he’s working on, but we decided to make a little weekend out of it and also visited the Bullock Texas State Museum, relaxed at the hotel pool, and then wandered around the city streets and by Lady Bird Lake. We also couldn’t resist seeing the inside of the historic Driskell Hotel so we stopped in for some refreshments to check out the design and cool off a little from our walk around town.

Trips Taken:


 Goal #3: Global Eats

Well I’m not sure where the month went but we didn’t get out to try any new cuisines this month. :-( That’s OK we’ll make up for it next month with all new dishes in Albania.  I can’t wait to try their local foods!

Even though we didn’t go far from home this month we still had another great month and we saw some new things. Quiet months thinking back on cool trips are great too.

I’d love to hear from you guys too!  What neat places did you find to visit in April?




  • Love your goals for the year, very ambitious! I went to Istanbul in April and loved it, I hope you enjoy your trip there, looking forward to hearing travel stories. :)

    • Thanks! I tried to set some goals that will be a bit of stretch this year. It’s funny how things work out though when you set a goal and keep it in sight-things sometimes just seem to fall into place to help you reach them.
      I’d love to go to Istanbul! Unfortunately we only have a couple of hours on a layover so we won’t be leaving the airport. But you can be sure I’ll be straining to see out the airplane windows and catching any sight of it I can from the airport!

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