Travel Goals Update: Second Quarter 2016

My goodness time is just flying by this year eh? Seems like just yesterday we were driving around Ireland but we’ve also been to Italy in that time too, and now Canada is just around the corner. Some days it feels like I am in a constant state of planning the next trip, but you know what? I love it! I’m so glad things have turned out the way they have and I’m getting these great opportunities to explore the world.

One thing that has definitely played a part in the trips we take is the travel goals I’ve set. They help us make some decisions on what we see or do although we don’t just see something to reach a goal…well except maybe that housing estate in Berlin. :-) No, the goals are there for something to strive towards and they do give us ideas when we plan where we’d like to go next.

So let’s take a look to see how the goals are coming along so far this year…

2016 Travel Goals |
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Goal #1:

Continue working towards my Lifetime Travel Goals .


Visit 3 New Countries

3 New Countries


On our recent trip to Italy we planned most of one day to visit the little country of San Marino and you know what? I think it was my favourite day of the whole trip (well that or the day in Venice…it’s a toss up). San Marino has two fortresses perched high on the hills and the views are absolutely amazing. It also helped that this was on one of the few sunny days we had on the trip so the photos are great- clear blue skies and lush green countryside. Perfection.

New Countries Visited in 2016:

Beautiful views of, and from, San Marino.

Visit 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

16 UNESCO Sites


If you have a similar goal to visit UNESCO sites then Italy is the place to go- they have over 50 on their list so far and another 40 places submitted as tentative sites! You can hardly turn around without being in a UNESCO listed church or historic city center. We definitely consulted their list when planning this trip and although I’ve already been to a couple of places on the list I was still able to add seven more to work towards my goal of seeing 16 this year.

UNESCO Sites Visited in 2016:

UNESCOItaly collage
Pisa | Vicenza | Venice | Padua | Ferrara | Ravenna

Visit 3 Landmarks from my 100 Landmarks of the World List

3 Landmarks


One travel goal reached in Venice….and then exceeded in Pisa! This brings me up to 21% of my lifetime goal already. While there aren’t any more landmarks planned this year, you never know. Might find myself visiting another one yet.

Landmarks visited in 2016:

  • Edinburgh Castle (January)
  • St. Mark’s Square (May)
  • Bridge of Sighs (May)
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa (June)
100 landmarks italy
View of St. Mark’s Square | Bridge of Sighs | Leaning Tower of Pisa
Books Set in 10 Countries


Reading, reading, reading. What can I say? I thought by reducing this to 10 (instead of 20 like in 2015) I would stand a better chance of reaching this but here it is, half-way through the year, and I’m no further ahead than the last update. I have done quite a bit of reading lately but they have been non-fiction books so they don’t count at all. I am making a conscious effort now to mix it up, one non-fiction book then an easy fiction read….I just keep picking up books set in countries I’ve already ready about! Well I still have six months. Maybe I’ll achieve this one yet.

Books read in 2016 towards goal:

Goal #2:

Global Eats


Well I might as well just scratch this one from the list now as other than the great new foods we ate (and made…we made pizza from scratch!) in Italy this goal has been a big old bust this year. I don’t think I can count the chicken tikka masala I recently made either as that only required heating it up in the microwave. :-)

 Goal #3:

Mission Travel Stuff Organization


Organize Photos

Well I’ve done a little better in the past few months getting photos backed up but still not 100% sure what my system will be. I think in the end I’ll just keep it simple and make a folder for each country and call it a day.

Organize Travel Paraphernalia

Nope, haven’t made any progress in this department but I am leaning towards just not keeping so much stuff that I will actually need to organize. Hmm…what a plan eh? No stuff, no organization problem. Besides, do I REALLY use it or look at it later? It seems not as I have so much stuff in bags and couldn’t say what is actually in there. Maybe I just don’t need to keep it.

Goal #4:

Cross one adventure item and one location off my life bucket list


I thought I’d be able to cross “kayaking” off my adventure list and then we didn’t end up doing it on our camping trip but that will be remedied. We will go back out camping again this fall and we’ll definitely be giving kayaking a try.

Goal #5:

Create an online travel course


Still working on this one. It’s a BIG undertaking. Maybe I bit off more than I can chew? Nah, I can do this.  Just keep at it a bit (bite) at a time. :-)

How about you? Did you set any travel goals this year? How are they coming along?

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  • Looks like you’re doing great with your goals this year. Creating a course is a lot of work, I’m trying to get my head around starting one as well. Good luck with everything!

    Eden | Mint Notion

    • It is for sure Eden. I’ve got an outline done but creating all the content is going to take many, many hours. Looking forward to seeing your course. Good luck to you as well!

  • Wow! You’ve gone a long way, dear! You’ve accomplished so much of your goals this year and there are still a lot of days left in the year! Good job on awesome planning! ;)
    Melai recently posted…10 Dutch Food to Try in AmsterdamMy Profile

    • Thanks Melai! We do try to plan all our adventures to get the most out of them and the most value for our money. And I love setting these goals. I find I’m more apt to actually go out and do things always having these in the back of my mind.

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