Travel Goals Update: May 2015

At the beginning of the year I wrote my Travel Goals for 2015 post where I detailed what I’d like to accomplish this year. When I wrote that post I thought I’d do a check in each month to give an update on my progress and that time is here again. It really is amazing how quickly each monthly update seems to come up. Seems like just yesterday I was writing about how quiet April was and now I get to update my monthly progress with the trip I was most excited about for this year...Albania!


Goal #1: Reach (or exceed) specific milestones for most of my Lifetime Travel Goals

Visit 3 New Countries

3 New Countries


Albania is not a country I ever expected I’d visit, especially ahead of such countries as Germany, Scotland, or even China, but I am so glad we gave this little country a visit. If you’ve read my kick off post in my series about Albania you’ll know how much I enjoyed it and all the neat things we got to see and do. I can’t wait to relive it all again as I write about everything in more detail in the coming weeks.

I’ve also done some updating and redesigning around my blog this week and my “Visit 100 Countries” page was the first to get a little makeover. Please feel free to click over and visit it and let me know what you think.


Visit 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

16 UNESCO Sites


Two more UNESCO sites added to my list this month. I’m on fire! One of them, Butrint, was also my favourite site that we visited on our tour with its peaceful paths through the trees and well preserved ruins. And Gjirokastra with it’s beautiful mountain views…especially the one from our hotel room. It’ll be a hard view to beat.

UNESCO  Sites Visited:

Gjirokastra | Butrint National Park | Berat

Visit 3 Landmarks from my 100 Landmarks of the World List

3 Landmarks


Although I didn’t visit any landmarks this month that’s no problem. With at least four more on the agenda this year, maybe more depending where we end up between Christmas and New Years, I’ll knock this goal out of the park this year.

My “Landmarks of the World” goal page has also had a makeover with lots of photos added for the sights I’ve visited so far. I can’t wait to see it full of photos from all my travels one day, but for now I’m lovin’ seeing all these photos in one place.

Landmarks visited:


Read Books Set in 30 Countries

Books Set in 30 Countries


I have actually done a little reading this month, not as much as I would have liked (as usual) so I’m really starting to think that blogging and reading are two hobbies that just don’t go well together. Well at least if I want to read a book and not more blogs (which I likely do spend way too much time doing). Maybe I should get better about reading on airplanes between destinations instead of watching movies that I’ve already watched on the plane before (I’m looking at you Austenland!). Reading books set in 30 countries is starting to look a little (read: WAY) out of reach for this year. Maybe the second half of the year will be a little better.

Books read this year towards goal (links take you to my reviews of each book):

 Goal #2: #Take12Trips in 2015


12 Trips


Of course the big trip this month is Albania, but really I think the coolest part of this goal is that we’ve done something every month this year and we’re getting out and about like never before. It might be a little early in the year to say this but I think this could be a contender for a goal next year, and dare I say it, every year.

Trips Taken:


 Goal #3: Global Eats

When in Albania, eat as the Albanians eat and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Starting with fresh salads with lots of delicious feta cheese, to flavour filled grilled meats and veggies, and then scrumptious birthday cake…we tried everything! And then the gelato. Oh the gelato. Yep, we ate well in Albania.


May is definitely a month of travel I won’t ever forget with an awesome trip to a wonderful country.

I’d love to hear from you too. Did you kick off your summer with a neat trip this month? Cool trips that you’re excited about for the summer? Do tell!



    • Oh thank you Kelly! I do love keeping up with my goals each month, and know I’ll really be happy later on in life when I can look back at all the fun I’ve had, but wasn’t really sure if anyone liked reading about it. I’m glad you stopped by today and left your comment. :-)
      Yay! Another Albania lover. :-) I really can’t stop talking about it with everyone I know. They are probably tired of hearing about it already! :-)

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