Travel Goals for 2016

Would you like to know a little secret that will get you traveling more this year? Set some travel goals! It’s really that easy.

2016 Travel (ish) Goals ||
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This time last year I set my very first set of travel goals and they were such a success (Even my UNESCO goal to see 16 sites…STILL can’t believe I achieved that. Thank you L!) so there was no doubt in my mind I’d be setting some again this year.

This year I’m going to change it up a little though. Some of my goals remain very travel focused, while others will be a little more travel-ish instead. I want to keep a mix of working towards my lifetime travel goals, and then add in a few that I’ll complete this year. So without further ado here are my travel goals for 2016…

  1. Continue working towards my Lifetime Travel Goals that I have set for myself. Last year I came up with some milestones I need to reach each year in order to achieve those goals in the time I estimate I have left to travel (29 years now) and I’m going to continue to stick to these milestones. They are as follows:
    1. Visit three new countries towards my Visit 100 Countries goal. In 2015 I exceeded this goal by visiting four countries, but I still think three is enough of a challenge each year. Currently I have one new country booked (Ireland in March) but the rest of the year is still up in the air.
    2. Visit 16 UNESCO sites towards my goal to Visit 500 UNESCO sites. Looking ahead to the year 16 is going to be a stretch for sure, but then again this time last year I was only looking at five sites on the ‘probably’ list yet I still achieved this goal. This is a perfect example of setting travel goals to help you get out traveling more. In addition to that I’d suggest sharing your goals with others and I bet they’ll do what they can to help make them happen.
    3. Visit three landmarks towards my 100 Landmarks of the World goal. I knocked this one out of the park in 2015 by visiting seven instead of three, but looking ahead to this year I only see a possible two so far so this might be a bit more of a stretch than last year.
    4. Read ten books towards my Read Around the World goal. OK last year was a dismal failure on the reading goal front but I may have stretched it a wee bit too far by aiming for 30 in one year. Plus what was I thinking of trying to do this whole goal in 5 years? Goals are good, killing yourself needlessly for them is silly. So ten it is for this year. A stretch, but hopefully achievable. I’ve also decided to move my book reviews and progress towards this goal to Goodreads instead as that seemed like a better place for a reading goal. If you’d like to join me or see my progress you can visit my profile here.
  2. Global Eats. Last year the kiddo and I started off really well but things dwindled in the last quarter and I didn’t end up reaching this goal. We still really love trying new foods though so we’re going to give it a shot again this year but with a twist. This year we’re going to make our own foods from around the world every month with most recipes and menus likely coming from this new cookbook I bought- International Night: A Father and Daughter Cook Their Way Around the World. Except in our case it’ll be mother and son. We can so do this.
  3. Mission Travel Stuff Organization. Between thousands of photos and hundreds of pamphlets, ticket stubs, etc. I have a lot of travel souvenirs to organize so I’m on a mission in 2016 to get it all done once and for all. If anyone has any ideas for either of these things I’m definitely open to suggestions.
    1. Organize Photos by establishing the system to save, organize and back them all up.
    2. Organize travel paraphernalia so that it is properly labeled, sorted, and accessible when I want to use it. Right now I have several bags and boxes and nothing is in any sort of order. The madness stops in 2016!
  4. Cross one adventure item and one location off my life bucket list. In 2004 I created a life bucket list and much of it included destinations or adventure items such as riding in a hot air balloon, skydiving, or visiting a volcano. I recently dusted off that old list and checked off the things I’ve accomplished in the past 11 years (more by good luck than good management). This year I’ll be intentionally looking for an opportunity to cross one of each adventure and location items off my list.
  5. Create an online travel course. I debated whether I should list this one or not but decided to go for it. It’s an idea I’ve had mulling around in my head for a little while and if 2015 is anything to go by, well putting it out there as an official 2016 travel (ish) goal is one way to accomplish it. Lots of friends and colleagues ask me how we manage to travel as much as we do and then see as much as we see when we visit each place and I tell them all about it. I figure it can’t be just the people I know that are looking for this information so I’d like to put together a comprehensive course to help anyone who wishes to plan their own travels. All the tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way in one place with an easy to follow plan to put together a great trip.

Instead of checking in monthly this year I’ve decided to check in quarterly instead. Last year monthly updates just seemed like a bit much and they seemed to be a little repetitive, especially in quiet months, so fewer updates are in store with more information in each this year.

So have I bitten off more than I can chew this year in the goals department? Well there is only one way to find out and that is to get going at working towards my goals and see where the year takes me!

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I’d love to hear from you! Do you have any travel or travel-ish goals for 2016? Please share. I’d love to hear all about them!

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  • Looks great! I have also loved the website Global Table Adventures (I think that’s it) for global recipes. It’s run by a woman who cooked a meal a week from every country with her family. Such great inspiration!
    Julie recently posted…Looking Ahead To Our Busy 2016 Travel PlansMy Profile

    • Thanks Julie!
      Yes she is amazing! I can’t imagine finding a new recipe every week, finding all the ingredients, and then keeping up with them on her website. We’ll do go to cook one a month. :-)

  • I totally agree with setting travel goals for the year! It really helps to prioritize travel/experiences, which helps in the everyday planning such as saving that day off or not buying that totally unnecessary thing on an impulse. I think travel goals are mostly just awesome because they give you something to look forward to and plan during the everyday times. :)

    Your list is definitely impressive! I’m looking forward to reading along with you guys this year. I also think that the travel course is a brilliant idea – I encounter some of the same questions but I’m not quite so organized in answering, so it’d be nice to hear how you do it. And if you find a good way to sort/store/backup the photos, please share! So far it seems like everyone sort of has their own system, which may or may not be useful or comprehensible. Best of luck this year!
    Meredith recently posted…My Word(s) (2016 Edition) | Inspire / OpenMy Profile

    • Yes, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Prioritize is the key word. I think so many people (well lots I talk to anyway) want to travel but they also want lots of cute clothes and shoes, or to go out every weekend etc. Until most of us win the lottery it’s just not possible for us to have everything so we have to prioritize our choices. These travel goals definitely helped keep me focused last year on what I felt was most important to me.

      I’m glad you like the course idea. Like I said I wasn’t sure about putting it out there, and I really don’t have all the details worked out yet, but I have a very long outline so I guess I’ll have things to write about for sure! :-)

      Will definitely keep you posted on the photo front. In addition to storing them I really need to get some of them printed off so I can enjoy them around my home and at work. One thing at a time though eh?

      Thanks so much for following along this year. I’m looking forward to seeing what you get up to too. :-)

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