Travel Goals Update: March 2015

At the beginning of the year I wrote my Travel Goals for 2015 post where I detailed what I’d like to accomplish this year. When I wrote that post I thought I’d do a check in each month to give an update on my progress and that time is here again (click here if you missed January’s update and here for February’s update). March was another really busy month as I headed back to Europe to spend a week with L on a road trip through France, Luxembourg, and Belgium and we had another wonderful trip together.


So without further ado let’s see how the stats stack up for March…

Goal #1: Reach (or exceed) specific milestones for most of my Lifetime Travel Goals

Visit 3 New Countries

3 New Countries


  • Woohoo! I’ve jumped all the way up to 33% on this goal this month. OK granted that is only ONE new country but still, making progress. :-) We spent a lovely evening and morning in Luxembourg City where we walked all around taking in the sights and then visited the Casemates du Bock. I can’t wait to share more about this lovely city when I blog about this trip. For a little sneak peek I’ve posted a couple of pics on Instagram and Trover and one of my photos of Luxembourg even made Trover’s “What’s Hot” list (check it out here) . I was pretty excited about that. :-)
Old town Luxembourg and the Casemates du Bock: A UNESCO World Heritage site
Old town Luxembourg and the Casemates du Bock: A UNESCO World Heritage site

Visit 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

16 UNESCO Sites


I can’t believe I added THREE more UNESCO sites to my list this month to bring my total up to six. While most UNESCO sites I’ve seen so far are absolutely worth the time and effort to visit them I can’t say we were very impressed with the Fortifications of Vauban in Arras. Maybe we missed something but it just seemed like an old stone wall. Now I’m a sucker for old stones, stone walls, bridges, etc. and tend to find them all very pretty but this particular one just didn’t do it for me. It did however take us to a part of the city we might not have visited otherwise and just across the street from it was a beautiful Commonwealth cemetery which we visited for a little while.

UNESCO  Sites Visited:

Fortifications of Vauban | Old Town Luxembourg from the Casemates |Reims Cathedral
Fortifications of Vauban | Old Town Luxembourg from the Casemates |Reims Cathedral


Visit 3 Landmarks from my 100 Landmarks of the World List

3 Landmarks


There weren’t any landmarks on this list in the places that we visited this month but that’s OK. Between Europe this summer and our California Dreamin’ road trip in August we’re going to visit several more impressive sights and this goal will be more than accomplished by year end.

Landmarks visited:


Read Books Set in 30 Countries

Books Set in 30 Countries


Well I have finally found some time to do some reading, well listening anyway as I’ve been soaking up audio books like crazy on the drive back and forth to work. Seems to take me a bit to hit on one I like but once I do I can’t wait to get in the car!  Although I have a total of three books read now I can only count two of them towards this goal because two of them are set in the same country.

Books read towards goal (links take you to my reviews of each book):

 Goal #2: #Take12Trips in 2015


12 Trips


I love this goal! I love how it encourages me to find neat places to visit close to home and get out at least once each month even when we don’t have one of our bigger trips planned. March has taken me back to France and Belgium, and then a new country visited with Luxembourg. Now the kiddo and I are making our final decisions about where we’ll head in April. We’ve almost decided on Austin but I still keep checking Groupon and Living Social to see if any last minute deals pop up that look too good to miss.

Trips Taken:

France | Luxembourg | Begium
France | Luxembourg | Begium


 Goal #3: Global Eats

After spending more time in France this month I guess I was craving a little more French cuisine so for our Global Eats outing the kiddo and I visited Brasserie Max and Julie so I could introduce him to steak tartar and some other French treats.

I was introduced to steak tartar back in the summer of 2011 when I spent a month working in our Le Havre, France office. There was a little place just down the street that my coworkers took me to and I was hooked! I know many people think the mere idea of it is enough to say non, merci but I’ll usually try anything at least once and 9 times out of 10 I do end up liking it. Fois gras was the 1 out of 10 thing in France that I wasn’t too keen on.

The Brasserie Max and Julie is located on a pretty street in Houston and as it was such a beautiful day we couldn’t resist dining on their patio. We started with a basket of bread, as is typical in a French restaurant, followed by a hot-out-of-the-oven bowl of onion soup that the kiddo declared on bite #1 was MUCH better than the version I made a couple of years ago (personally I thought I had done a darn good job, especially as it had taken me hours to make it). We then split the steak tartar and I thought for a moment the kiddo might change his mind and back out when it arrived at our table. He said it definitely didn’t look like he was expecting but he gave it a try, and cleaned up his plate. His final verdict? It was ‘fine’. He’d rather go for escargot instead. I thought they did a great job and it will be a nice treat every now and again. Dessert was more up the kiddo’s alley though – a lemon tart that we also split (you really don’t need a whole meal each- the portions were ample sized and we both left full).

All in all it was a really nice evening out- beautiful weather, delicious food, and great conversation as the kiddo and I discussed the things he’d really like to see when he gets to visit Paris.



Another amazing month with tons of adventures and new experiences. Do I realize how fortunate I am to be able to visit these places? Absolutely. Sometimes I truly can not believe the direction life has taken me and the opportunities to travel I’ve received. It also makes me so very happy that I have L and the kiddo to share these things with. Two great guys to travel with. I’m a lucky gal.

I’d love to hear from you guys too!  Did travel opportunities find you in March too? What were your favourite places to visit?



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