Travel Goals Update: February 2015

At the beginning of the year I wrote my Travel Goals for 2015 post where I detailed what I’d like to accomplish this year. When I wrote that post I thought I’d do a check in each month to give an update on my progress and that time is here again (click here if you missed January’s update). I must say February was a MUCH busier month than January, as shown by the fact that I only posted a few times this month :-( . But that just means I have been out and about seeing new places and learning new things that I can’t wait to share.


So shall we check out how the stats measure up now that we’re finished with February?

Goal #1: Reach (or exceed) specific milestones for most of my Lifetime Travel Goals

Visit 3 New Countries

3 New Countries


  • Still at 0% for new countries this year but that will change in just a couple of weeks when we make our stop in Luxembourg. Just seven more sleeps and a (sleepless) plane ride until I’m back in the UK to kick off this trip! Can you tell I’m a wee bit excited?

Visit 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

16 UNESCO Sites


Definitely my most ambitious goal this year. To think I’m going to see sixteen UNESCO sites in one year…I must be mad! But I’m sticking with it nevertheless. That little green slider bar is looking prettier too sitting there at almost 20%. I can almost envision it hitting 100%.

UNESCO  Sites Visited:


Visit 3 Landmarks from my 100 Landmarks of the World List

3 Landmarks


Totally kicking butt on this goal as I’ve already visited two landmarks from the list! Our weekend away to Bath made this one easy peasy with visits to:


Read Books Set in 30 Countries

Books Set in 30 Countries


Good golly this goal is proving to be much harder than I ever anticipated. I used to breeze through about a book a week, now I struggle to finish one a month it seems. Last month I gave myself credit for two halves but this month I’m not much further ahead I’m afraid. I just couldn’t finish Persuasion no matter how hard I tried. I wanted to have it all read for our visit to Bath but just couldn’t get into it. Although I did pick up enough along the way to pretend to be Anne Elliot as L and I strolled through Bath with me putting on my best (although it’s absolutely rubbish) English accent and saying things like “Oh Captain Wentworth I’m so delighted to be partaking in this lovely stroll with you” and all manner of other silly things that L, so sweetly, listened to and still even let me walk arm in arm with him. Maybe I’ll try Northanger Abbey instead as I’m quite determined to read a book set in Bath now.

So while I have two more books on the go this month (another set in England and one set in Australia) I’m going to leave my total at 1 out of 30 since that is all I’ve actually finished. Once I’ve finished at least three I’ll be back with another update for my Read Around the World challenge.

 Goal #2: #Take12Trips in 2015


12 Trips


Trips Taken:

As the main idea for this goal was to get out and about each month I’m only going to count my two weekend trips this month as one of my 12 trips.



 Goal #3: Global Eats

For this goal the kiddo and I are going to try a food from a different country each month. This month we continued with the Asian theme and we visited Thailand! Another culinary success.

With this month being so busy, and a short month to boot, we just got in under the wire for this Global Eats dinner of Pad Thai (I so love this stuff!) and some sushi appetizers. Sushi isn’t new to us but it made a nice compliment to our entrée. I think it’s safe to say that Pad Thai is a new crowd favourite around here. I wonder how hard it would be to make at home?


Phew! What a month it’s been. So many new sights, sounds, tastes, and adventures…and there are more in store for next month. This world is just one awesome place and I’m so thankful I’m getting to experience more of it than I ever have before.

I’d love to hear from you guys too! Did adventures abound in February for you? How are you making out with your travel goals?


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