Travel Goals for 2015: A Whole World of Possibilities.

I LOVE a new year. A fresh start just brimming with opportunities and possibilities. A time to set new goals for the year ahead. Especially my favourite kinds of goals- travel related goals!


For many years I’ve tried to set resolutions but they tended to be vague and eventually just ended up falling by the wayside. So I’ve changed that up and now prefer to set goals instead. Not vague. Measurable. Time bound. Goals. They work so much better at keeping me focused on learning and growing than any resolution ever did. Plus I get to create a list to keep track of them and I do so love a good list.

Up this year as my travel related goals for 2015 I’ve decided to:

  1. Reach (or exceed) specific milestones for most of my Lifetime Travel Goals that I have set for myself. I won’t be able to complete any of them this year but I took a look at what it really will take to reach each one in my lifetime based on how long I estimate I can reasonably expect to be traveling (30 years is what I’m figuring). I took a look at what is left to accomplish each goal and have divided it up by the time I have left to give me a reasonable milestone I need to strive to reach by the end of this year. The milestones I’ve set for each one for 2015 are as follows:
    • Visit 100 Countries Goal: Currently I have visited 12 countries so that leaves me with 88 to see in the next 30 years. At a pace of 3 new countries per year I’ll reach this goal. Some years (later in life when I have more time and money to travel) I expect I’ll do more than 3 new countries per year but for now I think that’s a good pace to strive for. So for 2015 my goal is to visit 3 new countries.
    • UNESCO Goal: I set a (very lofty) goal to visit 500 UNESCO sites in my lifetime so with only 17 visited so far I have a whopping 483 to see in the next 30 years- that’s an average of 16 a year! I may have stretched a bit too far when I set this initial goal if I have to average almost as many per year as I have seen so far but I’m going to stick to it. Some goals need to be a bit of a reach eh? With five UNESCO sites already on the ‘probably’ list for this year I’m going to go for it and my goal will be to visit 16 UNESCO sites in 2015.
    • 100 Landmarks of the World Goal: So far I am up to 12 landmarks checked off so that leaves 88 on this list too. Just like my goal to visit 100 countries I’m going to set my goal to visit 3 landmarks from this list in 2015. Right now I have two on my ‘probably’ list for the year so I think this might be the easiest of these three goals to reach.
    • Read Around the World Goal: The number of countries in the world varies between sources so I’ve decided to base my goal on the list of 193 member states of the United Nations. Currently I’ve read books from six so I’ve got a good long way to go. Even though I haven’t put a time frame on this goal I certainly think I can achieve it in much less than 30 years (maybe 5?) so I’ve decided to set a goal to read books set in 30 countries in 2015.
  2. #Take12Trips in the next 12 months. I’ve read about this idea on a few blogs in the past few months and have had this at the top of my possible goals for 2015 since the first time I read it. Basically the idea, which seems to have originated from Need Another Holiday, is, in Clare’s words, “To #take12trips, you only have to commit to doing something once a month. Maybe you’ll overnight in your own city centre or go to a museum you always walk past, but never into. Maybe you’ll drive into the country and spend a weekend at a cute little B&B. Maybe you’ll have a day out to the seaside and take a walk on the beach before scoffing some fish and chips on a battered old bench. Maybe you’ll just go for dinner in the middle of the week to a new place.” I’m definitely on board with this one because I love that it’ll keep me out and about even in those months when I might not have a big trip planned. You’ll definitely find me on Instagram tracking this one at #Take12Trips and if anyone wants to join along please do! And to learn more about it from the original source please visit Clare’s #Take12Trips category on her blog.
  3. Global Eats. For all those times in between traveling to new countries when I can’t experience a new dish or cuisine in it’s home country I’m going to try some new ones at home. Some will be eaten out at restaurants we’ve never tried before and some I’m going to try and whip up myself to expand my culinary horizons a little. Either way the kiddo and I are going to sample some new foods from around the world with this goal to try a food from a different country each month. If I get stuck for a recipe or inspiration I found this great blog, Global Table Adventure, where the author tried a new meal from every country around the world each week for 195 weeks. Now that took some dedication.

So there we have it- my 2015 travel related goals set in stone and all ready for me to take on with enthusiasm and determination. But is enthusiasm and determination enough to reach my goals? Well it is certainly a good start and can take me pretty far but I do have a few more tips and tricks up my sleeve on how to help reach my goals. Next week I’ll be sharing these with you to help us all look forward to setting some great goals, and then achieving them, in what is sure to be a great year.

I would love to hear what you guys have on your list for goals for 2015- even if it’s likely to tempt me to add even more goals to my own list!



  • Wow, those are very ambitious goals but go, girl!

    I’d like to visit at least one new country each year and I love the idea of the #Take12trips goal. I had already read about that in other travel blogs and I might give it a go as well :)

    Just found your blog and I really enjoy reading your stories. And it has a very sleek layout, love it!

    • Yes, the UNESCO one is especially ambitious! 16 in one year what am I thinking?? :-)
      For the #Take12Trips the blog that started it all (Need Another Holiday) is also running a Pinterest board for that if you’d like to check it out to take part in the challenge. The link to her post about that challenge is Clare has her link to the Pinterest board at that link.
      And thanks for the compliments! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far. Headed over to check out your corner of blogland now too. :-)

  • Sounds like 2015 will be a year to rival 2014! It’s so exciting to think about making progress on goals and also just seeing amazing sites. I haven’t heard about the #Take12Trips thing but it sounds like such a cool idea, I may just have to add that one to my goals as well! So glad you mentioned it :) Looking forward to following along on some amazing adventures this year!

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