Our 21 Favourite Photos From Albania

In this, my last post to wrap up our trip to Albania, I asked L and the kiddo to lend me a hand to help inspire you to start planning your own trip to this awesome little country.

I asked them to select seven of their favourite photos that they each took on our trip, and then I added seven photos of my own.

To us these 21 photos represent great memories, beautiful scenery, and one amazing trip.

Kruja, Albania
Kruja and its castle {Photo by the kiddo}
Butrint, Albania
Butrint National Park {Photo by the kiddo}
Blue Eye, Albania
We were all taken with the gorgeous colours of the Blue Eye. {Photo by the kiddo}
Gjirokastra, Albania
UNESCO World Heritage city of Gjirokastra {Photo by the kiddo}
Kruja Watch Tower, Albania
Watch Tower overlooking Kruja {Photo by L}
Apollonia, Albania
Greek Ruins of Apollonia {Photo by L}
Bunker in Albania
One of the several hundred thousand bunkers that dot the landscape and remind us of Albania’s history {Photo by L}
Basilica at Butrint, Albania
Remains of the Basilica at Butrint National Park {Photo by L}
Blue Eye, Albania
A dragonfly’s view of the river that starts with the water bubbling up from the Blue Eye {Photo by L}
Berat, Albania
Beautiful architecture looking down from Berat Castle {Photo by L}
Apollonia, Albania
Learning about the history of Apollonia while looking out to the bunkers built in to the side of the hill in the distance
Apollonia, Albania
A church and bell tower among the Greek ruins at Apollonia
Palermo, Albania
Look out towers on the roof of the castle in Palermo
Saranda, Albania
Fishing boats all tied up for the night in Saranda
Gjirokastra, Albania
Hustle and bustle in the middle of Gjirokastra
Tirana, Albania
Tirana…a bit chaotic, and a lot colourful.
Albanian flag
Albania’s striking flag caught the kiddo’s eye {Photo by the kiddo}
Palermo, Albania
A cool viewpoint on the castle in Palermo {Photo by the kiddo}
Muradie Mosque, Vlora, Albania
Muradie Mosque in the heart of Vlora {Photo by the kiddo}
National History Museum, Tirana, Albania
Victorious Albania mosaic mural on the National History Museum in Tirana {Photo by L}

And, of course, my very favourite photo from the whole trip… the amazing sunset in Kruja on our first evening.

Albania 15 (S)

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