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From its beginnings back in the first century AD, when the Romans founded it as a communications center and port for trade with continental Europe, London has grown into a world class multicultural, historical, and dynamic city. Home to 8.4 million people, with 300 languages spoken, there really is something that can be found here for everyone.

London was last invaded when the Normans arrived in 1066 and since then it has survived plagues, fires, and bombing during WWII. Despite all this most of the historical treasures of the city survive today- from Roman walls, Norman towers, Tudor palaces, and the grandeur and splendor from the Georgian and Victorian periods. More recently it has seen modern additions such as the Shard and London Eye. There is a huge array of world class museums and galleries, beautiful parks, modern shops, award winning theater productions, and even four World Heritage sites! With so much variety it can be hard for visitors to even know where to start. Whether you are looking for events that showcase London’s pomp and ceremony, a visit that incorporates your love of the Royal family, or just some quiet lanes and parks to relax that’s where I hope my London Love series will be able to help you. Especially if you were like me and weren’t initially taken with London.


What! Not taken with London? Say it isn’t so. But it’s true. As much as I love London now my first visit didn’t leave me with the same feeling. Since that time I’ve thought about why I didn’t like it as much as I do today and I’ve found the reason- I simply didn’t take advantage of all the awesome things London has to offer! My visit was at the end of a whirlwind tour through France and Italy and by the time we got to London I had already seen a lot (maybe on new sights and city overload?) coupled with the fact that I saw it as such an expensive place. While it’s not one of the cheaper cities in the world to visit, it certainly doesn’t have to be nearly as expensive as I initially thought. I would have known this had I done my research ahead of time!


Now that I have done my due diligence my subsequent visits to London have been SO much more enjoyable and I have really seen a lot! Now I’d like to share what I’ve learned to save you some time and make your trip GREAT! With this London Love series I’ll share the necessary basics for all kinds of sights and experiences like opening hours, rates and locations- along with time and money saving tips I’ve picked up along the way. Also for those of you that would like help working up an itinerary for your trip- I can help with that too! Want a visit that incorporates the places from your favorite books? Or are you a lover of all things to do with the British monarchy? Maybe a particular time period fascinates you? Or you want to make the most of your limited time and see as many of the top attractions as possible…without breaking the bank? Yep, I’m here to help with all of that and I can’t wait to get started!

Stay tuned for my posts in the London Love series where I’ll tell you about tons of sights, attractions, landmarks…basically all about London!

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  • This sounds like a great series! I too initially failed to fall in love with London, but it wasn’t the city’s fault, just circumstances. Now I go back every chance I get and find there’s always something “new” to discover. You are spot on about proper research ahead of time though!

    • Phew! So it wasn’t just me then. I almost felt bad for not initially loving it but now can’t wait to share all the neat places there are to visit- some of the more obvious ones, and hopefully some of the lesser known little gems that people might miss. I wonder if despite our many visits we’ll eventually feel like we’ve seen it all? Even after several trips I’m happily back this week and looking forward to, what is bound to be a colourful (although maybe slightly exaggerated? :-) ) ‘Jack the Ripper’ walking tour in a couple of days.

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