Welcome to the fifth and final day in my series of Gift Ideas for the Travel Lover! This week I’ve had suggestions in the packing department, electronics ideas, photography gifts to capture all their memories, and books and magazines to spark new ideas for traveling. Today I’ll be sharing some miscellaneous ideas for things I find helpful and handy, along with several more things I, as a travel lover, would be pleased as punch if Santa put them in my stocking.

The items L or I have used and can personally recommend will be marked with an *.  The items not marked with an * are things on my list for Santa.

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Gift Ideas for the Travel Lover: Neat Little Goodies


  • Global Entry This is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection program that allows for expedited clearance to approved travelers into the United States. Currently it is open to U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents (making it quicker and easier to get through the queue when coming home) along with citizens of the Netherlands, South Korea, Panama, and Mexico. Canadian citizens may receive some Global Entry benefits through the NEXUS program instead. While you can’t actually wrap this gift up you could cover the fee for your favourite traveler and it will be the gift that keeps on giving with every entry they make into the US within the five years it is valid for.
  • Gift cards*– When in doubt or trying to find a gift for the person that has everything gift cards are a great choice. Some people find them impersonal, and I can understand that, but many of us, myself included, love getting gift cards to our favourite stores. To me it is guilt free shopping. Oh you mean I HAVE to buy a book I’ve wanted for awhile? Hooray! I say. Long live the gift card.
  • Travel Apps*– There are buckets of travel apps that are free but sometimes your traveler wants to get a little more functionality out of one they have and spring for the paid version. This is where you come to the rescue with either an iTunes or Google Play gift card to fill up their smart phone or tablet with travel apps galore!
  • Wall Maps– Part home decor, part dream machine. Wall maps give your travel lover a place to mark where they’ve been and where they dream of going in the future. There are oodles of different types too so you can be sure you’d find one to suit anyone’s taste.
  • Globes– If your travel lover can gaze at maps for hours then chances are they can do the same with a globe. Personally I could go for this cork globe  which I think would be the perfect addition to my globe collection to mark all the places I’ve been. Probably shouldn’t mark all the places I want to go though or the whole thing will be full of pins!
  • Dual Voltage Blow Dryer– If your travel lover travels internationally this is a must have (well assuming they use a blow dryer of course). Just be sure to remind them to switch it to the proper voltage before they turn it on or they will fry that sucker faster than they will know what happened (Why yes, this has happened to me…and at the most inopportune time of course. Do learn from my silly mistake so the guy you’re trying to impress doesn’t think you’re trying to burn his house down. )
  • Travel Journal– Photos are great for remembering trips but many travel lovers will love a place to record their impressions and thoughts about the trip too. The great thing about a travel journal is they really can’t have too many. Once they fill one, they’ll be happy to have the next one ready to start writing in.

…and finally give them the gift of an experience they’ll never forget. More than any travel gadget, book, new suitcase, or anything else, travel lovers love the experience and memories from the trip itself the most. Whether your budget allows for an all out all-inclusive trip or, something a little more modest, like a night in a hotel or the gift of admission to a sight they are dying to see, travel lovers would appreciate them all. There are tons of tour companies if you’d like to find the perfect trip- L has used Cosmos* and I have used Go Ahead Tours* and we’d recommend either of those. Or check out Living Social* and Groupon* as they always have different options available for weekend get-aways to international tours to cool experiences like zip-lining and horseback riding.

I hope I’ve been able to help you guys out if you’re were stuck for a gift idea this year for your friends and family that love to travel. Or maybe I’ve been able to help you write your own little wish list or find some neat things you’d hadn’t thought of yet to make your own travels a little easier.
Happy Gift Giving!

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