As we’ve started to travel more and more I began to collect things we never travel without and over time that has evolved into a permanent electronics travel kit that is always packed and ready to go. Not having to remember to unplug chargers etc. and always having the things we need when travelling, without the possibility of forgetting something, has transformed our packing regime. Touch wood, we haven’t yet arrived somewhere, looked in the case and said “Oh, looks like we forgot …

What's in Our Electronics Travel Kit ||

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So what’s in our electronics travel kit?

Noise Cancelling Headphones

My number one item if you fly regularly is noise cancelling headphones. If you’ve never tried a pair then you will be amazed at the difference they make on a long flight. The loudness of the engines if you take them off mid-flight is surprising; it really shows how much your brain works to tune out the din, and having your brain do that can be tiring and increase travel fatigue.

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What kind of headphones you prefer is, of course, personal choice. Do you want  ‘over your ears’ or ‘in your ears’ and how much do you want to spend? I use these Audio Technica in-ear headphones – they are not that expensive, work well and are comfortable to wear. I have replaced the ear pieces with Comply Foams and with those in place I can wear these headphones for the duration of long-haul flights and can even sleep in them, though I do also sometimes use earplugs for sleeping to avoid any cord tangling issues. (Note from Stacey- I have very similar headphones and to avoid the cord tangling I have a little velco strap that I wrap around the cord and then tuck it under my sweater which keeps it out of the way)

Here are links to the headphones and Comply foams I use, as well as a couple of other suggestions that you might prefer.

What's in Our Electronics Travel Kit ||

Please note: Where possible we’ve linked to the exact products we use however, unfortunately, not everything in our travel kit is still for sale. In those cases we’ve selected comparable alternatives we would be happy to purchase based on value and customer reviews. 

Chargers and Cables

Then in no particular order, our electronics travel kit also contains:

A multi port USB charger to charge all those gadgets you travel with is an essential and this one charges ten things at once, with each device getting up to 2.4 amps per port using Anker’s fast charging technology. Of course you can’t get 2.4 amps on all ten ports, as that’s more than the plug socket can provide, but it will charge everything plugged into it as quickly as possible and now means we don’t have to juggle with chargers and cables to get everything charged up for the morning.

Linked to the charger are the cables to plug it into the wall and the devices into the charger. For simplicity we buy duplicate USB cables for all our devices so that they can live in the travel kit and are never forgotten when heading on a trip. I’m a fan of these Rankie cables and have purchased a set of micro USB and USB type C for the kit. To power the charger, I bought this folding UK plug as UK plugs, whilst very safe with earth pins and fuses, are rather bulky, but this one can fold flat to fit into the travel kit. I also purchased a Euro plug cable to avoid using an adapter in Europe and intend to purchase a US cable plug too.

For those times we might run short of juice and aren’t near a plug, our electronics travel kit also includes a flat USB port for the cigarette socket in the car, though USB ports are becoming so common this is not as necessary as it once was (which is good because they aren’t easy to find!).

We also have a 12,000 mAh power bank- the one we own isn’t available any more. A suitable alternative is shown below. 

Other Bits and Bobs

A spare 32Gb SD card for the camera is next up, I replace the one in the kit as soon as I put the one that was in there in the camera. So despite each card holding thousands of photos, I know I have a spare if we need it for any reason. I’ve been buying this brand for quite a few years now and they’ve never let me down. Why keep buying new cards though? Well, I never clear the photos off the cards when they are full or at the end of each holiday. Every card is kept in a small SD card pouch so that I have an extra backup of every photo or video I’ve ever taken. My photos are also stored on my PC and in two different cloud services (I really don’t want to lose my photos!)

Final assortments are a 64Gb USB Flash drive which is used to transfer data between devices or as an extra backup of something whilst travelling and spare batteries for my car remote keys  for when we are in my car because sods law dictates that these only run out when we are on a road trip (it’s happened to us twice!), and batteries for the noise cancelling headphones too.

So with all this stuff, we need something to put it in, I’ve found that this Butterfox electronics travel organiser fits the bill perfectly.

Additional Travel Gear

Outside of the travel case, we also take a portable Bluetooth speaker and, of course, travel adapters for different sockets in different countries. 

And finally the nifty Netgear Trek N300 travel router that Stacey bought me for Christmas 2015 (sadly not available now, well at least not inexpensively anyway). It boosts poor WiFi signals for our devices to connect to and means we only have to type that ridiculously long WiFi password in once and all of our devices just remember to connect to the router. It’s a little fiddly as you have to use a web page to connect it to the internet, but once you’ve done it a few times it just takes a minute and all your devices start chiming away with all the updates they’ve missed whilst you’ve been offline! 

What things do you never travel without or are/would be in your electronics travel kit?

Anything we could do to make our kit even better?

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