Not wanting to sit by the pool all day, L and I were a little concerned before we booked our cruise about what we’d do with three whole days at sea, but we went for it anyway to see if cruising would be something for us. Since our travel style tends to be all about visiting museums, historical sites, and just generally being on the go (see our Normandy and Ypres trip for a taste of how we like to travel) we thought we might get bored, frustrated with too many people in close quarters, and basically itching to get off the ship after a day or so. Turns out we didn’t really need to worry because there are tons of things to do on board for everyone, even for those like us that only spend about 15 minutes poolside in a whole week

Each evening we received the ship’s newsletter called “Cruise Compass” which gave a full day’s schedule of activities from well before we planned to be up, until well after we planned to go to bed. They also had a schedule for the kiddo too so he could plan ahead what he was going to do the next day and we could decide which activities we all wanted to do together. Please click here if you’d like to see one of the schedules we received and here if you’d like to view one of the teen versions. It’ll give you a better idea of the activities on offer and how they have them all scheduled.

So what did we opt to do during our fun days at sea? Well in no particular order we….

…played some mildly competitive Scrabble (with what ended up being a few too many letters than the game was meant to have). Then played some very competitive cards -which I thought I had taken photos of the score cards but I guess I didn’t so you’ll have to take my word for it that I won every game. Don’t believe me? I wouldn’t either.  :-) . And the guys also played some Shuffleboard (but they don’t want me to put their photos up doing that :-( ).

… took in an art auction being very careful not to accidentally bid on anything- some of those pieces started at over $10,000!!

Art Auction

… and then wandered the ship enjoying the art that was all over- for free. :-)

art pieces

… enjoyed some really great entertainment from comedians, to a guy that could juggle AMAZINGLY, to this guy that impersonated Elton John and was an absolute hoot! Check out those shoes!

EltonJohn Entertainer

… watched an ice skating show. An ice rink, ON A SHIP. Now how cool is that?

Ice Show

… played trivia games in the lounge that tested our music knowledge. And then the three of us formed “Team Awesome” and played a game where we had to run around gathering signatures of crew members from as many different countries as possible. This *might* have been where my competitive nature came out. Not quite ‘Bernadette from Big Bang Theory’ competitive but a bit more than I think L was expecting. But hey, we won a key chain out of it. Score!

Enjoying music in lounge

…  went to the very funny, adults only, show called The Quest. If they have something similar on a ship you go on then don’t miss it. You will laugh through the whole thing. Trust me. These guys were such good sports.


… enjoyed some quieter times when we had the hot tub in the Solarium all to ourselves. The pool was a wee bit too cold, but the hot tub was perfection.

hot tub

… ate some absolutely delicious meals. Well these were every day, not just sea days, but they are worth mentioning as they were just soooo good. One of us may have even eaten escargot at just about every dinner. I won’t name names. Oh all right, it was me! Me! I couldn’t help it. That stuff is just too darn good I tell you. Even the night I ordered a different appetizer our waiter (who was awesome by the way) still brought me escargot. I couldn’t disappoint him and turn it away now could I?

delicious meals

… strolled the decks each evening hoping to catch a sunset, which finally on the last night, we did.


And so my time recounting the memories of our cruise has come to an end. We all had such a great time and it was a nice getaway. We really liked being able to unpack and then just stay in the same room every night, yet still visit several countries. And the sea days mixed in with port days was a nice mix of relaxing and exploring. We’re now considering some more cruise options for next summer. Any suggestions?


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