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Albania College

Over the past few months I’ve shared each of our days on our awesome trip to Albania, along with some of the places we stayed. My hope, along with recording this trip for my own memories, is that I’ve inspired you (even a little) to consider your own trip to this wonderful little country. With tons of history, culture, beautiful architecture, amazing natural and man-made sites this is one country to add to your bucket list for sure.

To help you plan your trip I’ve rounded up some resources and have created a new ‘Destination:Albania‘ page. I’ll add to it as I find things in my reading and research to continue to expand it, but to get started it includes the following:

  • All my posts in one place so it’s easier to find things you’re interested in reading about.
  • Practical travel information such as: visa/entry requirements, international airport information, weather, currency, travel advisories, safety and security, laws and culture, and embassy information {links specifically included for citizens of US, Canada, and UK}.
  • Suggested books to use when researching your trip.
  • Links to other blogs and travel resources on the internet to help with planning.
  • Accommodation suggestions.

And, of course…

  • UNESCO World Heritage sites, both current sites and sites on the tentative list.

I hope this resource page will help you when planning your trip. Feel free to leave a comment or email me at if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to answer them, or help you find the answer.

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